Left Hand Path Throughout the Ages

Western and Eastern, Ancient Tradition

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1. Serpents vs. Adamites: 3 parts, earliest history. Who are Adamites? What exactly is "Genesis"saying that everyone missed? Who are these "Satanic" or "Serpent people" who struggled against these other people?

2. Western Satanic Roots, Part 1: Pythagoreanism. The definitive ROOT of Esoteric Dark Tradition in the West, the real tradition with a clear expose of what was NOT the same tradition: Socrates! Who were the Pythagoreans? What were THEIR roots!

3. Western Satanic Roots, Part 2: Tenders of theFlame and Christian Racism, the truth. More pertinent to Americans, a detail of just WHO founded the USA and who their enemies were and are today. An expose on who the real Columbus was - what he was and who he was connected to.

4. Sigil of Baphomet: Ancient Vedic origins of "Satan" and other key words such as Djinn, Sat, Tan. What the Baphomet is, a 3-fold sigil. Hymn to Satan and the Palladians (Satanists) in the USA.

5. Real WICCA: IRA and it's real roots, Eleusinian Mysteries from the Hellenes to Ireland and elsewhere, Trees, theGoddess, the Scots, what Wicca originally was - and what it was not.

6. SET: 2 parts -- Sirius of most ancient times, and the later Egyptian God idea, who could have built the pyramids, and Naga. This is the history of Set, two kinds of Set, and a full explanation of the ELEUSINIAN SATANIC tradition regarding Set.

7. Kaballa: Dark Tradition: includes Pythagorean/Ophite, Obic and Sephiroth (Light Tradition). This is the Kaballa as known by the real keepers of it, the Ophite Jews who had the additional knowledge of the Pythagoreans to compliment the Sephiroth tradition of most publicized works on the Kaballa. (It is not known if other Jews from other denominations know this, they keep their traditions too secret to find out.)

8. Tantra/Vajrayana & Pythagoreanism:
Same Dark Tradition. As is well known to the few SCHOLARS of Pythagorean tradition, it is thoroughly Eastern in Nature. But never is it stated for laymen "which kind" of Eastern it is. This shows and explains clearly the identicalness of Tantra of only the Vajrayana kind, to Pythagorean tradition: the ROOTS of Esoteric Dark Tradition in the West

9. Taoism: Dark Tradition, includes FuHsi/NuKwa and uses the Pythagorean (star) method. Includes Shao Yung's"Wheel." Difficult article to understand and we were unable to "dumb it down." An understanding of Tantra and Kaballa helps if one wishes to grasp this article. Not the Basics!

10. Package of Satanic Doctrines: Basics spelled out --origin of "Devil," Satan vs. Lucifer, and much more. Preface written during the time of the SRA scare, the Package goes on with many articles to explain some very interesting Satanic facts not well known to modern-day Satanists, and not clearly understood at all. Fully explained here.

11. Convalescence from Christianity: Explains how Christianity is an anti-Nature being-state (not just a religion) damaging to children and explains how Christians DO this to their children in ways you probably NEVER imagined: it's not the typical anti-Christian stuff seen by no-clarity neo-Satanists at all. If you are reading this, you probably have been affected by the Christian omniculture yourself. This REALLY spells out things which allow for deep introspection aiding anyone to uncover the still-buried Christian within. Some things in this article may be painful to read, especially if read with an open heart and the desire to REMEMBER FEELINGS - and clear those feelings out.

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