This is a song that's played often at our local clubs in Innsmouth. It is a modified version of a song written in 1972 (see end). We heard it on a tape back in 1980. It became the Innsmouth Anthem among the younger crowd and continues to be so today, going through various mixes and remixes.

The base line is the same throughout the song. The chords we use are a modification of what we heard on the tape, only in that we repeat the same chords throughout. Some of the chords used on the tape were a tad too "progressive jazz" for most listeners. The chords are still a bit jazzy, but not as jazzy as the original. The words are read with synchopated speech, like older rap music.

The base line runs like this throughout, to a heavy cthonic, rhythmic dance beat:

These chords fit TWO verses. These chords repeat throughout:


Obed Marsh went on a trip
To help Deep Ones get citizenship:
He brought us to Innsmouth, gave us a place,
Said, "Come on and mix with the human race."

Now great things are happening in this town:
Construction, technology, progress all around.
Then everybody parties on Saturday night;
Loud music and dancing, baby, what a sight:

There's a Priest named Japhet with big webbed feet,
He can pump and grind to that techno beat;
And godfather Marsh, our 'Uncle' Ralsa,
Hey, you should see him dance the old salsa;

There's a champion breaker, a Yuggya is he,
He's gonna make hip-hop history.
When the place gets crowded, we all skidoo,
'Cause we've got some serious loving to do:

I got a human woman, we're going out tonight
To my lily-pad, to get me funk all night.
I got twenty brothers with the same thing in mind:
They like to get funky with the human-kind.

All kinds of people are lookin for hugs:
Shoggoths, cephalopods, and couple of Yuggs.
You know it's gonna be a fantastic night,
In the morning when the sun's up not a soul's in sight.

The Reef's out there, we go swimming in the day
And pay our respects to Y'ha-nthlei.
Life continues to improve this way
With no sign that Great Cthulhu will wipe it away.

Twenty three E. O. D., twenty three E. O. D.
Priase Lord Cthulhu, Ruler of the Sea!
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. IA!


(Some of the words to the song have been modified and brought up to date. The original was performed by Tani Jantsang on the Audio tape and CD "Cthulhu Cultus Music," available for $10 U.S.: CD (ISBN 1-902197-18-X) or Audio Tape (ISBN 1-902197-19-8), from P. Marsh, PO Box 85, Lehigh Acres, FL 33970-0085, USA - the song is Copyright by P. Marsh and T. Jantsang).

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