Expounding on Our Number 23 -
Alpha and Omega Points.

By: The Innsmouth Pirate of Discord, Ubbya Y'hna-uth'yg Lama of Leng to the Tcho Tcho and others, Ubbya Nmu-Yg'koalkl, and CL Smith of the Esoteric Order of Dagon.


Matter, Pre-life and Life:

23 is the Current or Number of the Force that lies outside of space/time. Yet, at the same time, it is responsible for how things Become Into what they are within the Cosmos. It is both outside and inside; transcendent and personal. 

First, we all recognize that there is a state of pre-life.  By "pre-life" we mean what existed prior to RNA or DNA.  The pre-life is what we call matter/energy.

However, in calling it "pre-life," we are implying that there is already a direction, a tendency, an obscure sort of Will in matter. 

What is outside of all Life, outside the Cosmos and pre-existing the Cosmos, could be said to be in a flux between Being and Non-Being.  That flux, when impacting on material things within the Cosmos, causes things to Become.  Being/Non-Being, as if One Thing, IT, "Comes INTO Being" as if It is a Being that comes into Its own Being.  This flux causes everything else that is in the Cosmos to Become. 

The Cosmos and Matter:

There exists three things in matter:

1. Disunity: this causes the substratum of the tangible Universe to slope down towards a limitless base, disintegrating as it goes.

2. Unity: this pushes the elements towards each other so as to comprehend them together in one great whole, the Universe.

3. Interaction: The immediate consequence of this is that the Universe forms into a system by its Disunity and by its Unity, a total thing.

We can see matter under the twin categories of duration and of evolution, instead of fixity and geometry. The whole universe, in fact, is found to be engaged in an immense evolution.

At the very start of the Universe, two principal laws rule matter – that of the conservation of energy and that of the degradation of energy, which causes increases in entropy. The more the quantum of energy in the world functions, the more it gets used up, though it still exists. This is the fundamental phenomenon of the world, which necessarily leads to the phenomenon of Sentient Beings.

Understand that there is the same amount of energy/matter in the universe now as there was at the start.  It is this energy/matter that goes through the stages of conservation and degradation, as if the chaos that ensues from degradation causes new structures, more complex and diverse structures of order to come into Being.  (As this happens, entropy increases, but the amount of matter/energy is always the same).

The great factor in the evolutionary phenomenon is the great law of complexity and consciousness. It is a law implying a structure, a converging spiritual curvature of the world upon itself. This is called the metaphysics of union and fits well into our evolutionary conception of the cosmos.

Evolution takes place along the axis of complexification – we pass from the relatively simple to the complex. Thus we pass on from atomic particles to atoms, from atoms to molecules and successively to molecular compounds, carbon compounds, viruses, cells, living organism, plants, animals and finally more evolved forms of life. So it can be seen to go from pre-life, to life and then to thought.

All impetus is of a spiritual nature. But this fundamental impetus is divided into two distinct components: 1. a tangential impetus, which brings together all the elements of the world in ever-increasing complexities, and 2. a radical impetus, which draws it in the direction of a state even more complex and even more directed towards the future.

Matter and spirit were co-created or co-emanated. Just as a human's body goes back to some primordial matter that has gradually evolved, so does the psyche or soul. The whole of matter is permeated by the spirit, although this is not evident at all levels. The whole Being, body and soul, thus emerged from matter. Just as matter evolves from the very beginning into a body that becomes more and more advanced, so spirit from the very beginning evolves into spirit that becomes more and more advanced.

Life on Earth was born from the earth. But more logical than this science, we must carry the lesson to its conclusion, that is to say, we were born entirely from the world, not only our flesh and bones, but also our power of thought and our spirit. In turn, the earth was born from material that existed in stars, and so forth.

The most revolutionary and fruitful aspect of our present age is the relationship it has brought to light between matter and spirit.  Spirit is no longer independent of matter and vice versa. It follows from this that spirit and matter are two facets of one and the same thing. Our soul and our bodies, the inside and outside or the within and without, have existed at all times. Soul and Body are inseparable, they make one whole Being. 

In the world nothing could ever burst forth as final, across the different thresholds, successively traversed by evolution that has not already existed in some obscure primordial way. This applies to life, to consciousness and thought - and to spirit.

The Alpha Point:

This is the starting point, or origin, the first point in time or evolution and a rather obscure point. This is not what we usually understand by "creation from nothing."

The starting point of evolution is infinite multiplicity, but it's disorganized. So the starting point of evolution is actually Infinite Disorder.  It was like having stones but not the building or like having seeds but not the plant. Creation is a creative union or what brings about unification out of multiplicity; thus creation is not and cannot be instantaneous. It is still going on.

Evolution does not proceed haphazardly; it is orthogenetic; it has a direction, a goal, an axis of development. The axis passes through RNA, it passes through DNA, it passes through the earliest forms of life, which were our ancestors.  For instance, for humans it passed through the earlier animals, then amphibians, reptiles, mammals, primates and lead straight to humans. We can almost pinpoint the axis in the gradual, observable complexification of the nervous system, especially of the brain.

We can follow it almost step by step. If we go back in time, we can follow the axis of evolution as it crosses various thresholds, leading from lithosphere to the biosphere (the vitalization of matter); and from the biosphere to the noosphere, the thinking layer that now covers the world.

The Omega Point:

If the cosmic process has a meaning, a direction, a goal, it must have a definite end point towards which it is advancing. It must have a nucleus. A synthesis can take place only around a nucleus, around which the consciousness of the whole will finally crystallize. In other words, if evolution follows very many lines, there must be a peak in which they must converge. This peak is the Omega Point.

The attributes of the Omega Point are:

1. It must be already existing;

2. It must be personal – an intellectual being and not an abstract idea;

3. It must be transcendent;

4. It must be autonomous – free from the limitations of space and time;

5. It must be irreversible; that is, it must be attainable.

In the Omega Point, the Being and his/her/its freedom will not be suppressed, but super-personalized. Personality will be infinitely enriched.

This may be difficult to understand, but the more socialized and advanced Beings get in their evolutionary path, what humans might see as a Collective Mind, the more capable they are of individualized thought processes.  How can this be possible?  It is possible because they Become as the origin was/is/will be - that is to say, the indivivual becomes The One yet The Many


In our own cosmogony, and using English to explain, we have Four Stages of the Cosmos that have come into being thus far. 

Stage One is the Alpha Point, the Undifferentiated and Formless stage, some call it Darkness, some call it Thatness.  We call it Nyarlat. In this stage, the "What Is" is in a flux between Being and Non-being.  We say "is" because it's not exactly the past. It's ever-present, happening now, before, will keep happening.  The flux stage of Being/Non-Being causes Becoming, ceaseless Becoming.  Nyarlat, is also a Messenger of this flux, as if Nyarlat sends a message to Itself.  Many things then happen in this First Stage:  Something that contains all matter/energy, all sound/light, and all space/time comes into being as a Single Point, a Ray within Nyarlat, the Boundless Thatness.  Again, Nyarlat is a messenger between these "things" and, at the same time, is these things.

Stage Two: Next, the Cosmos was born, a big bang resulted from the Ray. The universe expanded. The sub-atomic particles we know of today and space/time were mixed in a swirl or unified field of opaque "whiteness," like a particle soup. No distinct atoms existed yet in the newborn Cosmos, and there was only color and sound existing. There was no dimensioned space as we know it, no dimensionality at all, there were no stars in space either.  That was how the space was - it was not yet the "dark space with stars here or there" like we have now or like it was during first generation stars.  The Great Race of Yith was born at this time, a purely psyonic race not made of matter or energy as we understand it at all.  At this stage, there was no space or time as we understand it today - space had no dimension and time had no linearity. 

Stage 3: Next, due to a Message of Nyarlat, abyssal black and massive black holes were punched into this uniform opaque whiteness, which caused a whirling motion and the creation of a new type of Cosmos: one with distinct, bright galaxies in it existing in black space.  These black holes sucked some of the space/time down into themselves, along with some of the sound/light and some sub-atomic particles that existed. However, at the same time, the black holes caused the spiraling motion that clumped the first more-familiar matter together.  Galaxies formed.  As the swirling continued, stars formed.  Now there were atoms, hydrogen and helium, but nothing higher in atomic number yet.  Now space was dark with stars in it. Space was not so strictly dimensioned at this time, but time became linear.  Cthulhu, Ubb and other such beings came into existence here, like star-born beings in a universe of only stars.  There were many such star-born beings at this time.  The ones merely known as Great Old Ones or Elder Gods are just two small groups that quarreled with each other about these Cosmic changes: the Great Old Ones thought that the changes were unavoidable and honored Nyarlat as The Messenger and Herald of all Change.  The Elder Gods thought Nyarlat was evil and sought to try to stop the changes - which was and is not possible!  At this stage, Nyarlat is known as the Soul and Messenger to the Old Ones.

Stage Four: This started when First Generation Stars exploded and other heavier elements came about - standard known science for the cosmos today. Also, most of space became dimensioned, as is our 3D space. Time is still linear.  Nyarlat, at this stage, is also like a force that is a literal crawling chaos that causes destruction/creation and change, diversity of forms and more complex interactions.  These things are normally seen as the opposite of Order in a smaller sense.  But new forms of order, more diverse and more complex, come into Being due to the chaotic state they keep falling into. So you have chaos within order, and new, higher forms of order resulting from chaos.  Nyarlat is the same force that causes the spaces between the galaxies to grow more wide.  Space itself expands, as if blown up like a balloon; meanwhile the mass that makes up the stars and galaxies, mass that causes gravity, acts as a brake against this expansion.   However, the spaces expand faster than gravity can hold them back. 

We live in this Fourth Stage.  The Old Ones can not move about here so they sleep and dream. Some of them have generated races that can and do live freely here in our Cosmos.  Some of these races have highly advanced technology.  One would assume they have this due to having something that works like dexterous appendages, or hands, that tend to make technology.  Having the entire knowledge of the Old One that begot them would enable them to start out highly advanced.

When the galaxies expand enough, when the spaces between them are wide enough, then the Old Ones can awaken from their sleep and exist freely once again.  That would be the Fifth Stage - and we have not yet gotten to that Omega Point.

We wait.

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